Memorable moments of 2016
Life is a succession of crises and moments when we have to rediscover who we are and what we really want.
— Jean Vanier

2016 has been quite a tumultuous year. I started from a place of frustration and self-doubt. Now I end the year with renewed energy and ambition. My original travel plan was to explore new places, but I found myself returning to the same places I've been years ago. 

For me, 2016 was the year of rediscovery. This year was not about becoming the accomplished, sophisticated woman. It was about rediscovering the free-spirited, creative girl who thought anything was possible. By understanding how I got here to begin with, I'm able to move forward on my own terms with a vision to guide change through inspiration. I never was the one to follow other people, especially those who didn't treat others with respect and lacked integrity. 

Even though I went to Bali 3 times this year, each time was different. It made me re-discover the importance of creating and nurturing connections and how I'm really good at doing that. I was also reminded that it's okay to let go of relationships that are just not working. After all, it's worse to maintain a relationship where either party is resenting the other. 

Thank you for following my journey so far. Here is my list of the most memorable moments this year.