Remembering Kilimanjaro

I have been extremely lucky to travel to some amazing places. One of the most memorable (and possibly the most difficult) was my Kilimanjaro ascent back in January 2013. I've always wanted to go to Africa, especially since a college friend was in Nairobi, Kenya. As the winter holiday period allowed for some extended time off, I started to plan my first solo trip in my adulthood.

Everything on this trek decided to go wrong. I got lazy and decided to rent equipment instead of bringing my own. (You can imagine what a bad decision this was.) It poured on our first day, so our truck got stuck in the mud on the way to the entrance. Thus, we started and ended our first day's hike in the dark, and my headlamp's battery went out. Not to mention, I nearly had frostbite, and my oxygen saturation levels were barely above 70% during the entire trek. I cried and cursed, but I adapted, persevered and somehow made it to the top. 

I am still thankful to Andersen Mbise and his team for getting me there. Their constant jokes and laughs kept the trip lighthearted despite the comedy of errors. Maybe one day I'll make the attempt again with a friend.