Chasing sunsets in Bali

"Every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunsets are magical. No matter what happens during your day, sunsets still show that days can end beautifully. As much as I possibly could, I chased sunsets at Tanah Lot, Seminyak Beach, Berawa Beach, Batu Bolong, Uluwatu and many others. Sometimes I watched sunset from the same spot on Seminyak Beach for multiple days in the row, and no two sunsets were ever the same. One sunset burned fiery orange across the sky, while another radiates golden rays amidst lavender clouds. The spectrum of twilight hues is infinite. 

Every sunset is an opportunity to pause, reflect and enjoy the moment. In the age of social media and mobile phones, it's very easy to get sucked into the constant posting, liking and commenting on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or any other social media app. The lack of reliable, high-speed Internet actually forced me to not be on my phone, and I slowly connected with the locals and my new environment. When I moved to our new villa with more reliable Internet connection, I reached for my phone less often. I chatted more freely with the other instructors at the surf school, teased the boys working the beach bars, and listened to the family stories from our housekeeper. From these conversations, I discovered that petite middle-aged women and men who walked the beach with giant baskets often had the best Indonesian food, fresh fruit and steamed peanuts in the area. I received invitations to open mic nights at bars hidden away in side alleys and tips on cafes with the best Balinese coffee.  

With four more days remaining on the island of the gods, I continue to watch the sun disappear into the horizon. The world has so many beautiful things to show as long as we remember to look up from the screen and open our eyes. Those moments remind us that every sunset is not only an opportunity to reset but also to dream for a better future.