Smoothie Bowls in Bali

Smoothie Bowls in Bali

I'm grateful that I've been able to return to Bali and get a taste of everyday local life. Last summer, a volcano eruption interrupted my plans to revisit, and I booked this leg of my trip fairly last minute as witnessed by the gradual depletion of my Korean skincare supplies.

I have sampled and indulge on a lot of food. After morning surf or yoga sessions, breakfast takes on a whole new meaning, as my body needs its post-workout nourishment. There was one food that stood out among the rest, and I am shocked that this hasn't even cropped up in the California food scene.

My go-to breakfast of champions in Bali has been the smoothie bowl. Many cafes here serve some version of this concoction of fresh tropical fruit, yogurt, granola and honey. The fruit can be whole or blended. Sometimes, the fruit is frozen or fresh. The plain, tart yogurt has a touch of sweetness that blends nicely with the crunchiness of granola. For those with sweeter palates, you can drizzle honey. Some cafes offer additional options to add superfoods like chia seeds and maca.

The juggernaut of all the smoothie bowls is Nalu Bowls. Nalu is Bali's first smoothie bowl shack. Their bowls always use the fresh, locally sourced ingredients and freshly baked homemade granola. They have outposts in Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu and Uluwatu. They're often nestled or adjacent to cafes. Personally, I've been to the locations at Seminyak (Shelter Cafe), Canggu (Milk & Madu) and Uluwatu (Single Fin). My favorite Nalu Bowl is the Uluwatu, a blend of dragon fruit, banana, papaya and raspberry topped with strawberries, mango, coconut flakes and honey. I always substitute the apple juice with coconut water for extra bit of hydration.

I'm going to miss my Nalu Bowl fix. If you're craving bowls with whole instead of blended fruit, cafes like Sacred Grounds and Watercress have excellent bowls as well.