Hidden Jewels of Bali

Sometimes the waves become a little too big for me. At first, I dismissed it and took the board out. After a few wipeouts, I learned my lesson quickly and chose other activities to occupy the big wave days. Like any hurdle in life, sometimes it's best to wait for your opportunity to progress. In the meantime, take the opportunity to explore unknown areas or try new things. On my non-surfing days, I've explored an underwater shipwreck off of Tulamben, hiked up Mount Batur, and chased sunsets throughout the western coastline. (By the way, the scooter or motorcycle is definitely the best mode of transportation on the island.)

On our second weekend on the island, my friend and I decided to check out the other side of the airport via scooter. While the northern regions like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak or Ubud are more popular among tourists, the southern regions like Jimbaran Bay and Bukit Peninsula retained its simple, quiet charm. Unlike its northern counterparts, the beaches in the southern regions are picturesque, surrounded by towering cliffs and lush forests. 

After weaving in and out of traffic for an hour, we first stopped by Balangan Beach, and we probably made at least 2-3 wrong turns getting to this beach. We parked our scooters on a relatively empty lot and noticed a few people standing on the edge of the cliff. Over the edge was an incredible view of Balangan Beach. Throngs of surfers lined up at the point break, and the waves roll for an endless amount of time. To access this beach, we descended down a long set of stairs. As high tide was approaching, the water creeped really close to the entrance, so we had to be mindful not to get stuck.

After a brief stroll, we made our way over to Single Fin to watch surfers ride the waves of Uluwatu. Single Fin is a bar/restaurant/store that turns into quite a party on Sunday nights. Nalu Bowl's outpost is inside, so we grabbed some smoothie bowls. Single Fin is perched high on the cliffs, and the large open balcony provided a perfect bird's eye of rolling waves and sunset. We grabbed some drinks, pizzas and smoothie bowls while watching the surfers ride through the barrels. We only stayed until sunset then headed back to our villa to get ready for our own surf session the next day.