Escaping to Nusa Ceningan

On our last day in Indonesia, we decided to check out the neighboring islands of Lembongan and Cenengan. It was about 45 min by speedboat. Unfortunately, we couldn’t catch the 9:30 am boat, so our planned 6 hours compressed to 3 hours. 

We waded through the water to board a small speedboat. As the swell started to approach Bali, it was quite a bumpy ride. There were many instances where we were suspended inches from our seat. (Note to self: Bring seasickness medication next time.) I was able to hold myself together until we landed in Lembongan, and what a difference 45 minutes make. White sands, deep turquoise blue water and a small village welcomed us. 

We decided to start our journey at Ceningan then make our way back towards the Lembongan port. After we acquired a scooter, we headed towards the yellow bridge connecting Lembongan and Ceningan. The narrow, suspension bridge can only accommodate traffic one-way at any given point.  Trying to pass visitors posing for their next Instagram shot was challenging, but we did eventually make it to the other side. 

Our first stop was the Blue Lagoon. The drive is scenic, dotted with palm trees, villages, and roadside warungs. Paved roads turned into dirt paths, as we followed the worn signs to the lagoon. A stunning view greeted us once we made it to the top of the cliff. No filters needed to show off the deep blue waters. To the distance, we noticed a few people jumping off the cliff, so we followed the trail around the lagoon to an abandoned bar. My friend did the jump but commented that jumping was the easy part compared to the swim back. There are also no ladders or ropes, so he had to do some bouldering to get out.

After the Blue Lagoon, we searched for the Secret Beach nearby. The entry point to this hidden oasis is through a small resort, so be sure to buy a refreshment as courtesy. The beach is a little rocky, but there was no one besides a French family. With the jungle in the backdrop, it was fun to explore and hunt for seashells in the area. 

We ended our Nusa Ceningan excursion with a late lunch at Le Pirate Beach Club. Enjoy your mie goreng while watching the seaweed farmers glide their boats across the channels while harvesting seaweed.