Staying connected on the go

Staying connected on the go

Digital nomad, creative explorer, remote worker, wanderlusting entrepreneur or a vacationing employee? I'm always on the go, and we fortunately live in an era where it's easy to stay connected to my family and friends.

I share a lot of videos and photos of my adventures. Nowadays, a lot of those snaps or video clips are shared in real time. Since I've switched to working and living on the road full-time, I have two US sim cards (one iOS and one Android device). I used to switch to local sim cards, but I found it to be a hassle for short trips. If you have a US number, here are the best options for you, depending on your situation. 

If your primary mobile device is an iPhone (or an Android device not compatible with Google Fi), then the best mobile plan for you for travel is the T-Mobile Simple Choice or T-Mobile One plan (if you need unlimited data). Both plans include free international roaming for up to 2G speeds and text. Even in remote places like the islands of Southeast Asia, I found it be sufficient for text-only email, uploading photos, and maps. Wi-Fi is so ubiquitous in hotels, hostels, cafes, and many public places, so it's hard to be offline. (I must admit that I sometimes lament that this is increasingly the case.) If you're connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can make use of Internet calls as well.

If you have a compatible Android phone, Google Fi is the best option. It includes free international roaming for data like the T-Mobile One plans except the connections are slightly faster than what T-Mobile allows. There is no unlimited data option, but I found Google Fi to be more reliable.

If you are sharing giant media files, an aspiring social media influencer, or make a living based on your Internet connection, then you should get a local sim card. Unfortunately, most US plans throttle your speeds. In order to access LTE or 4G speeds, you have to get a sim card from a local network. Luckily, most countries' pre-paid sim cards with data are really affordable. If you rarely make a phone call and connect with your family and friends mostly over social media apps, then this is a viable option.

Hope this helps you choose the right mobile plan. Happy traveling!