Superbloom in California
I survived because the fire in me burned brighter than the fire around me.
— Joshua Graham

While I was snowboarding through Europe earlier this year, the entirety of California had the rainiest season in a long time. It seemed like only yesterday that California was suffering from the drought apocalypse. After living out of a suitcase for a better part of the year, I was really looking forward to chilling on Santa Monica beach for a few days.

I actually had no idea what superblooms were until it started popping up on the Internet and social media. The photos of bright orange and purple dotted along the usual tan landscape made it a no-brainer when Dana asked if I wanted to check it out. We drove out there Friday night, so we can head over to Lake Elsinore in the morning. By the time we arrived at 8:30 am, there was already a crowd of admirers flooding the trail.

As we climbed up the trail, we admired the poppies slowly opening up. Twenty minutes later, we were greeted by endless expanses of oranges and purples from coreopsis, tidy tips, and phacelia and other wildflower species dotted along the hills. The photos below don't do it justice. It was straight out of a storybook.

What was more inspiring is how all these flowers survived through five years of drought for their moment to bloom in full force when they can. Unlike the flowers of my neighborhood nurseries, the wildflowers' beauty had an edge. They patiently waited deep in the soil and darkness only to emerge as angels under the right conditions. Their resilience illustrates that we are stronger than we think. Starting a business without any prior industry experience is hard. It would be much easier for me to go back to a stable corporate job with a cushy paycheck. (The thought did cross my mind several times as I watch my bank account.)

Nonetheless, I decided to focus 100% of my time and substantial chunk of my liquid assets to build a company in one of the most competitive markets. There is a whole set of challenges to overcome developing and producing physical products, and there were quite a few setbacks along the way. We lost two months of product development because our original supplier decided to break it off with the factory partner due to "attitude." As a result, I stayed in Korea for a month and hustled for new suppliers and developed a new set of formulations within two weeks. 

We can be warriors and continue to push forward through whatever life throws our way with courage, love and positivity. Before we know it, we'll look back knowing that we lived our life and accomplished so much by rolling up our sleeves and digging in (no pun intended). Superblooms are nature's reminders of hope and how capable we are of doing amazing things as long as we believe we can.